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KulturForum - Terms of Use

A location for artistically events

The KulturForum is a state of the art indoor event location equipped with a stage, a piano and common required light and sound devices. It is basically used for concerts, readings and performances. The room offers seats for about 260 visitors.

Fulfilling formal and content requirements of the KulturForum, artists can use it for their cultural events.

The artists will not be booked by the KulturForum but the artists themselves or their management is the host of the event. According to that no travel costs or fees for accommodation for the artists will be paid.

The following services are provided:

  • cleaning of the location before / after the event
  • printing and sale of tickets
  • press relations  (e.g. publication on the internet, monthly flyer, weekly newsletter, local press)


Except the following listed deductions the artist will gain the complete proceeds of the event:

• 2 Euro for each guest goes to the KulturForum
• 18 Euro per commenced hour for the technical staff (1 person)
• 11 Euro per commenced hour for attendant staff (1 person)


If required the KulturForum also offers the following additional services:

• professional tuning up of the piano (fee: 82 Euro)
• posting in the city center with our partner STRÖER/DSM (the cost are depending on the number of prints)
• poster hand out to 30 municipal facilities

To promote your event it is necessary that you provide the KulturForum with digital pictures which can be used without any restriction for internet promotion on and may be handed out to the local press. The artist has to warrant that the reproduction rights of the pictures are settled and rights of a third party are not conflicted nor infringed.

In individual cases - especially if the fees get higher than the proceeds - the KulturForum reserves the right to deviate from these agreements

We are looking forward for your request!  Your contact person is Judith Selck:


phone: +49 (0)431 / 901 - 3511

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