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Kiel research on the seven seas

Research vessels of IFM-GEOMAR
Research vessels of IFM-GEOMAR

The GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel is following a long tradition in Marine Research in Kiel.1937 the Institute for Marine Research was founded and 50 years later the Research Center for Marine Geosciences (Geomar).

In 2004 both institutes merged forming IFM-GEOMAR which adopted its current namen in 2012 when it became member of the Helmholtz-Association.

Marine research from the seafloor to the atmosphere

The goal of the institute is the investigation of all areas relevant for actual research in marine sciences, ranging from geology of the seafloor to marine meteorology. The results of the marine research conducted in Kiel enjoy a high international reputation. The research focuses on four main areas:

  • Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics
  • Marine Biogeochemistry
  • Marine Ecology
  • Dynamics of the Seafloor

In the framework of the excellence cluster "Future Ocean", research is also conducted in areas of marine research relevant to society, such as legal and economic implications of oceanic processes.

The deep-sea drilling device “Rockdrill 2“ launched from the research vessel “Maria S. Merian“
The deep-sea drilling device “Rockdrill 2“
launched from the research vessel
“Maria S. Merian“

“Jago” research submersible in service
“Jago” research submersible in service

The GEOMAR has an effective infrastructure at its disposal, including the four research ships “Alkor”, "Poseidon", “Littorina” and “Polarfuchs”, and Germany’s only manned research submersible, the “Jago”, deep-sea instrumentation, a wide range of modern labs, extensive oceanographic libraries and access to supercomputing facilities.

The aquarium with seals on the Kiellinie (waterfront promenade) is one of Kiel’s major tourist attractions.

Pictoral material: Archiv IFM-GEOMAR (Bild 1), Ning Zhon (Bild 2),
Karen Hissmann, IFM-GEOMAR (Bild 3)

 GEOMAR is located at the west shore and the east shore of the Kiel Fjord.

Link to the west shore

Link to the east shore